Frequently asked questions about untested.io

Why is this necessary?

Everyone is being affected by this pandemic. Our family, friends and neighbours are getting sick and nobody is sure if they have the Coronavirus. Ideally we would all get tested but we can't as our GP services are overwhelmed, our pharmacies are overwhelmed and the NHS 111 services are overwhelmed.

We have to help ourselves. There are excellent tools to help track the outbreak globally but not locally. The tools available today are tracking the confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, many of which are patients already in hospital. Without the ability to trace how people have become infected, it is almost impossible to track how the virus is spreading.

Until we have testing on a massive scale, we have very few tools to help manage this outbreak. One thing we can do though, is to document each person in the UK who has symptoms of the virus - this is what this website aims to do.

How is this survey different to other apps and surveys out there?

The aim of this website is to create a database of information showing the amount of people with Coronavirus symptoms in your local area. This information will be public and anyone will be able to access it and use it. With this data, as a community, we will be able to detect the Coronavirus spread and react quickly. The more people who contribute in your local area, the more useful this website will be.

Where can I see the data?

This website will be updated with a link to the data as soon as it becomes available. We have only just launched the website and so this may take a few days. View results on the dashboard. The dashboard is under development and the data format may change over time.

What data are you collecting?

We only collect the data you input on the form and your approximate location.

This data is:
1) your age range
2) your symptoms
3) how well you feel
4) number of days since the start of symptoms
5) your approximate location
6) the date and time of your response

We do not store any other data about you or your device.

Where does my data go?

The information you contribute is publicly available on the internet and can be accessed or viewed by anyone.

How to get in touch?

Please use this contact form to get in touch.

Real-time updates are published on the dashboard.